Dr. Elizabeth Haddon, Ed.D.

Psychology & Publishing

Dr. Elizabeth Haddon is an educator and a psychologist who has spent over 20 years serving in international schools and 18 years in private practice. She holds Master’s Degrees in Psychology and Education and received her Doctorate in Education (Instructional Leadership) with a specialty in Instructional Technology from the University of Sarasota.

Her first book, Milo – Autistic Warrior has been recently published and relays current information about autism in a novel about an autistic boy, his family struggles, his challenges and victories in school, and his efforts to relate to his peers while creating a place for himself in a world that doesn’t understand or accept him. Because of the success of Milo, she is currently finishing her second novel about autistic adults and how employers can better facilitate their success in a work environment.

When Dr. Haddon’s twin sons left to attend university, she was ready to expand her experiences. With her young daughter in tow, she accepted a position at the international school in Kobe, Japan. Integrating her knowledge and skills as a family therapist with her additional training in education, she began a career as an international educator. Enjoying the experience immensely, she accepted positions all over the globe. After her time in Japan, she served in international schools in Croatia, Kathmandu, Santo Domingo, and Buenos Aires. Working and living internationally gave Dr. Haddon the opportunity to work closely with children and families from diverse cultures who had to re-imagine their identity to include aspects of their home culture as well as the host culture they now inhabited. This transition of colliding with and then integrating unfamiliar social memes became as important to her students’ success as their academics.

Now retired, Dr. Haddon decided to combine some of her personal interests with her past career experiences. Going forward with her interest in how we communicate and learn to trust one another, she has obtained her certification as a dog trainer, beginning the next chapter of her dream to train service dogs for autistic children. Once that certification is completed, Dr. Haddon hopes to delve more deeply into the meaning of community by studying the relationship between service dogs and their owners.

In her spare time, Dr. Haddon enjoys exploring research on Autism, Neurology, Biotechnology, Biomimicry, and Swarm Intelligence, as well as education and learning theory. Her eleven grandchildren and canine companion keep her at her best and on her toes!

Dr. Elizabeth Haddon is a dedicated lifelong learner and educator who constantly shares her knowledge and experiences with those around her and delights in observing and hearing about others’ adventures and accomplishments.